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How to understand that you have low self-esteem and how to cope with this problem?

A person with low self-esteem constantly compares himself or herself to others, has difficulty making decisions, reacts painfully to criticism and expects approval and praise from others, but has difficulty relying on positive feedback.

With this concept we define our relationship to ourselves and the value we place on ourselves in the world. And each concept is slightly different from the others. So, it is about the mental picture that each person has of himself or herself ar

Self-esteem is not only used to define the positive or negative qualities we ascribe to ourselves or our ability to do something. Rather, it serves to express our opinion of ourselves. 

An opinion of ourselves can be either positive (I am good; I am a worthwhile person) or negative (I am bad; I am useless). And when we attribute negative traits to ourselves, it means that we have low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem: your basic opinion of yourself 

your basic opinion of yourself 

Usually your perceptions of yourself as a person are based on certain facts. At first glance, these facts seem to be a true picture that you have made of yourself. However, in fact, it is just a private opinion that you have made about yourself based on your own life experiences. If you have succeeded in life a lot, then the opinion you have about yourself is positive. If you do only partially succeed at something (as most people do), then your opinion of yourself changes based on the circumstances in which you find yourself. But if things are completely bad, then you begin to think just as badly of yourself. This becomes the basis for lowering your self-esteem.

Signs that you have low self-esteem

There are few signs that your self-esteem is low.  For example, if you don’t fully trust your opinion and are are afraid of difficulties because you think you can not overcome them, these are true signs of it. 

If you treat yourself more harshly than those around you and often feel anxious or depressed, these are also the signs of it. 

People with low self-esteem often do not know what to do, they can’t say “no” to others and can’t set clear goals. Often they don’t even know themselves to answer simple questions. Do they like gambling  PlayAmo Online or not? What are they goals? 

Where does low self-esteem come from

Psychologists tend to believe that the cause of low self-esteem may lie in childhood. These aspects may play role in it:

  1. Lack of attention or cruelty from parents;
  2. Exaggerated expectations of parents and the feeling that the child is “not good enough”. 
  3. Being bullied by other children. 
  4. Being in a hostile environment. For example, people who have a negative attitude toward the social group to which the child belongs.

How does low self-esteem affect people?

low self-esteem affect people
  1. Problems in personal relationships. People with low self-esteem can confuse normal interest with love. Especially if the child lacked attention as a child. Also, low self-esteem can turn a person into a victim in an abusive relationship.
  1. Problems at work. Low self-esteem causes a person to be silent during conversations with supervisors. Because of this, they may not fully disclose their skills. Management may not always realize that the employee is just shy.
  1. Depression. In the long run, low self-esteem can lead to depression. According to scientists, low self-esteem is one of the key factors in the development of this disease

What to do about it?

The well-known advice “feel more confident” will not help to raise self-esteem. First you need to recognize the problem and every time you feel that you are worse than others – pay attention to this and change your mind. After that, you need to find a way to fulfill yourself: something that you are good at and that pleases you. Together with the support of loved ones, this will help you improve your self-esteem.

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