Asian Handicap works

All About Betting shows what it is and how the Asian Handicap works

Several bookmakers offer the option, but there are many doubts.

So, follow every detail and find out this opportunity to deepen a little more on the subject.

What we can highlight right from the start is that this type of bet has grown a lot in the last few years and is usually the most chosen by the most assiduous bettors.

For those who are still starting in the world of sports betting, the questions are many and the explanations, sometimes, end up not removing all the doubts.

Let’s now break down a little more about the details of this type of betting that is even more challenging and fun.

What is Asian Handicapping

Asian Handicap

In a basic concept, Asian Handicapping is like a goal compensation to match teams that have some kind of big difference in the chances of getting a win.

So you can apply advantages or disadvantages for this compensation to take place.

It also excludes the possibility of a draw and you may even get your bet money back, depending on the scenario chosen.

Ok, with that we already have a north by the definition about what the Asian Handicap is. Now it is time to go deeper.

To avoid any doubt, pay attention to the next topics, because what seems to be very complex, ends up becoming much easier to assimilate with the examples and that will make you feel more and more secure to venture into more profitable bets.

Before getting into the more specific part, already keep this information: the initial goal advantage will drive your bet.

So, with everything that has been talked about, now yes, let’s explore even more about this betting style.

How the Asian Handicap works and how to apply it


Positive and negative lines, quite usual terms and that may be the biggest reason for your doubt when the subject is Asian Handicap.

Well, here we are going to demystify the way of understanding these lines that are so talked about, besides the most varied range of results that a bet can generate.

Remember that whenever there is a match and your favourite betting site offers the Asian Handicap, the possibilities will always be in two ways, positive or negative.

But let’s go to a more practical example that can give you the clarity you need to understand once and for all.

As characters of this example, let’s put two teams from the Premier League. On one side, we have Liverpool, the current champions and with great chances of staying on top next season.

On the other side, we have Aston Villa, who flirted with the relegation zone for most of last season. These teams, then, will face each other.

Right off the bat, a certainty due to the campaigns, investments, and especially being played at home, Liverpool has a much better chance of winning over Aston Villa.

With this scenario mentioned above in mind, the time has come to balance things out a bit more.

With this game theoretically easier for Liverpool, which is the team you have chosen to bet on, one should opt for the Asian Handicap in its negative form, because you will subtract a number of goals from the home team to be able to pair the clash.

So, let’s suppose that your choice was on Liverpool -3.0. With this value, we understand that Liverpool starts the game with an unfavorable score of 3 x 0 and that they need to score 4 goals to turn the score in their favor.

Once Liverpool win by 4 goals difference, you win the bet.

If the score is 3-0 in Liverpool’s favour on the actual scoreboard, the match is treated as a 0-0 draw. The bet is then void, precisely because of “no movement of the scoreline”.

This way the match will become more balanced and the odds will increase as the teams get more equal.

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