And what are the types of Asian Handicap you might encounter?

This is another one of the crucial points to end the doubts. We take this topic to show you how we can divide this group of bets.

Therefore, the presentations can occur in their whole form (ex: +1.0, -1.0, +2.0, -2.0 etc), can also be found as half handicaps (ex: +0.5. -0.5, +1.5, -1.5, +2.5, -2.5 etc) and, finally, the handicaps presented in quarters (ex: +0.25, -0.25, +0.75, -0.75, +1.25, -1.25, etc).

Remember that in order to have a quarter handicap, what needs to be put in question is the combination generated from the first two examples (whole and half form).

This way the bet will be split into equal parts. We will make this clearer in the list below.


  • -0.25 occurs when you put -0 and -0.5 together
  • +0.25 occurs when you combine +0 and +0.5
  • +0.75 occurs when joining +0.5 and +1.0
  • -0.75 is when joining -0.5 and -1.0
  • +1.25 occurs when joining +1.0 and +1.5
  • -1.25 occurs when joining -1.0 and -1.5

Final tip for Asian Handicap

Basically it is not difficult to understand the possibilities of Asian Handicap betting.

It even becomes very interesting because it is a way to avoid lower odds and try to build your margin with higher values.

Our final tip is to tell you that you should always be aware of the best possibilities to choose the Asian Handicap.

The best market is usually football in general, because even draws, which are very frequent, can make you win or have your bet amount returned, in a partial or full way, which ends up being very interesting and with a lower risk of ending up in the red.

Did you like our post about Asian Handicapping?

This way the confrontation will be more balanced and the odds will participate in this growth in the same proportion that the teams will be equalizing.

Interesting, isn’t it? Even more so because if you bet on Liverpool victory in this case, it is almost a “wet dream” and the odds will be much lower, therefore the return will also be lower.

In the Asian Handicap odds, no, they will be closer and closer and your return can be much higher and you run less risks, even.

Let’s now try to make a little clearer about the types of results you can find if you choose the Asian Handicap method for your betting this time. Let’s take a look at what can happen:

  • Entry Win: you get 100% of the profit.
  • Half Winner Entry: in this case you will receive 50% of the profit made.
  • Nil: if everything is tied with the conditions in which you bet, your initial entry is returned, with no win or loss.
  • Lost half-entry: in this case half the entry is returned to you.
  • Lost entry: your entire stake is lost.

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