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How to Win with Novomatic Sots

The online casinos that offer the games of this Austrian production house grant numerous advantages when it comes to your winnings. Of course, there is no fixed amount that you can win at novomatic slots. When we talk about something like this, several factors actually come into play.

First of all you need to understand whether the slot in question is a fixed jackpot or not. If you have a fixed jackpot, then you can understand how the maximum profit is so simple: it is often explained above the reels.

If the machine is a normal slot without the jackpot, then the win is strictly dependent on the amount wagered. Better to play with Jackpot Slots to make big and generous winnings without a shadow of a doubt.

Let’s take an example with two slot machines produced by Novomatic. Book of Ra, a very famous slot in 2017, allows a bet between 50 cents and €5. Naturally, each score you make on the payline will entitle you to specific wins.

We do know, however, that the maximum score you can make on Book of Ra will return the player a payout of 2,000 times the amount wagered. Assuming you have bet the maximum and scored the maximum score, you won’t be able to win more than €10,000.

A different case, however, in the Novomatic Slot of Sizzling Hot. In this case, the minimum bet amount is 90 cents, while the maximum amount is the incredible sum of €90. In Sizzling Hot Deluxe, the maximum score you can make is to line up on the same payline 5 times the number 7. In that case, the final payout will be 5,000 times the amount bet. That means that if you score the maximum (€90) and you can find yourself with a total line-up of 7 and you can win the sum of €450,000.

As you can see, the winnings with Novomatic slots are always very high. In most cases, however, to get really high winnings, you have to bet good numbers, but they are very advantageous to play anyway, especially compared to the competitors in circulation.

Novomatic Tips and Strategies


We know that the prizes you can win with novomatic games are very interesting. Without the right tactics, however, you will find yourself spending a lot of money without making it back to your initial budget. For this reason, we advise that you continue reading the article, to understand what factors you must necessarily study when it comes to betting on slot machines.

Betting on the Game

Theory says that the more you bet and the more you win, but we are here to change your mind. The truth, in fact, is that the more you bet, the less games you can play, the less chances you have of winning. The only way to be sure of winning, in fact, is to play lots of games. In each game you have a small percentage of odds to win a good prize, so increasing the number of games, the percentages multiply and, as a consequence, increase your personal chances of winning the odds. Aiming for derisory sums of money, on the other hand, you won’t win much if you win.

So the key to betting is patience. Make small bets, but without going overboard at the opposite extreme. You bet a reasonable amount of money, then you can keep playing for a long time and so, in case of victory, you can win a good amount. Do you want to play for free? Here is the list of free spins for you to play online.

Setting Limits

Novomatic slots

Before playing, you should decide on the goals to be achieved and then stop and restart the next day. Doing something like this helps you stay clear-headed, make money and, most of all, not fall into the mistake of starting to bet everything in anger. Naturally, the goals you need to set are both positive and negative. Otherwise, you would end up gambling your entire budget in a single day and that’s not what we want.

For example, you might decide to get 20% positives or negatives and then stop betting. If by hypothesis you have a budget (bankroll) of €200, you have to stop betting in two specific situations: if you reach a budget of €240 and then you are positive by 20% of your initial bankroll, but even if you reach a budget of €160, because in this case you are 20% negative compared to your initial bankroll. Did you know that several Novomatic slots are in the top 10 slots here at CasinoTopsOnline?

Novomatic is known to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, casino games provider in the market. It is a unique brand, and this big software producer still has many qualities to show. Novomatic has been active in the industry for many years and in its nearly 4 decades of experience, this giant has not only managed to attack the industry, but also to transform the way the industry operates, both for casinos and players. With a growing turnover of $2.3 billion and 25,000 employees worldwide in over 45 countries, Novomatic is the largest casino company in the world. You can also check out the best slots from Netent, Microgaming and Playtech.

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