the right red caviar

How to choose the right red caviar?

Caviar is traditionally considered a festive delicacy – and this is understandable, not everyone can buy it every day, and it is quite expensive. If you are going to please yourself with caviar sandwiches, then you will definitely be wondering how to choose a really worthy and high-quality option.  

The inscription must indicate a specific type of fish

Blurred information “salmon caviar” should be a signal to refuse a purchase. There is a lot of salmon family fish, on the product from a good manufacturer it is indicated what kind of fish became the “supplier”: chum salmon or pink salmon, trout or coho salmon.

What does the correct marking look like?

This is information on the lid or side of the jar about the date and place of manufacture of the product. Only one type of marking is trustworthy – this is a convex inscription as if embossed from the inside of a round cover. Numbers and letters that are pressed in or, worse, printed with paint are a clear sign of falsification. 

Composition: there should be nothing superfluous


According to the standard, the composition should contain only caviar itself, salt, and vegetable oil. Any other additives will indicate a low-quality product, it is better not to buy it. Of course, you do not want to harm yourself by eating caviar while playing at the 20 Bet casino website.

Production date: summer is better than autumn and winter

Accordingly, the closer the date of caviar production to the time of spawning, the greater the likelihood that the product was not frozen. If the caviar was packaged in jars in December, it was definitely frozen, so at least it will not be as tasty as summer caviar.

Glass containers, tin or caviar by weight?

The easiest way to keep caviar fresh is in a glass or tin jar – pay attention that the jar is not deformed, this is a direct sign of a spoiled product. By weight, you can only buy from trusted manufacturers or sellers, better – personally known: there is no marking on it, and you cannot know how many times the product has been frozen and thawed.

What does quality caviar sound like inside a tin?

quality caviar

You can’t look inside a tin to see the consistency of the caviar, but the quality can be checked by shaking the tin a little. There should be no gurgling sound – otherwise, there is too much brine in the caviar or the product was stored in violation of the rules.

Appearance of caviar: colour and texture

Fresh high-quality caviar should be crumbly. If the product has been frozen before packaging, some of the eggs may look deflated and sticky, and there is too much brine. If the colour makes you suspicious, it is better to refuse the purchase – greyish, too bright or pale shades are clear signs of a low-quality product.

Aroma of caviar

Fresh, high-quality caviar should only smell like fish, any extraneous flavours should make you suspicious of falsification. A sour or too pungent smell with an ammonia tinge is a clear reason to refuse to buy or to use an already purchased product. Yes, it is possible that the money spent (and a lot) will not be returned, but health is definitely more important.

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